AKEWT:GROW Orthgraphic

Finally got a chance (and power ;) ) to render out another version of my AKEWT:GROW short video.


NFS: Rivals Screenshots

Some approved screenshots of Need for Speed: Rivals where I worked as a Senior Environment Artist for Ghost Games (EA) mainly responsible for the road creation throughout the game some modelling and texturing and scene management.


Twisted Ouroborii Bangle WIP

This is a personal project I’m starting with Mudbox. I’m fascinated by the mythology and iconography of the Ouroboros so wanted to incorporate it into a jewelry piece of some sort.


Photogram Rocks

When doing R&D for NFS:Rivals I experimented with Photogrammetry for natural objects and surfaces. Here are some rocks that came out of that experimentation.
Check out the creation process here.


Shop Awning asset

Here’s a quick shop awning asset, sculpted in Mudbox initially and transfered in Maya with some texture elements done in Mudbox too.